Terms & Conditions

  • 1. General Provisions

    1.1. The following rules (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) apply to the online shopping activities in the web store (hereinafter referred to as the Store) established by JSC RMD Linija (hereinafter referred to as the Seller).
    1.2. The person who completes the Store User Registration Form and confirms that he/she is familiar with the Rules by clicking the button “I Agree with the Rules” is considered to be familiar with the Rules and to agree with the Rules unconditionally.
    1.3. The person who has submitted the registration form becomes a customer of the Store (hereinafter referred to as the Customer) and obtains the rights and obligations set forth in the Rules.
    1.4. The Seller has a right to restrict the Customer’s rights or cancel the Customer’s registration at any time if the Customer does not obey to the conditions set forth in the Rules.
    1.5. The Seller has a right to change, amend or supplement the Rules at any time, without giving prior notice to the Customer. The new Rules come into effect on the day of their introduction in the Store. The Customer’s orders received before the introduction of new Rules are processed pursuant to the Rules which existed at the time when the order was placed.
    1.6. The Seller is not liable for and shall not compensate the expenses incurred by the Customer due to the noncompliance to the conditions set forth in the Rules.

    2. Price of Merchandise and Payment Terms

    2.1. The price of the merchandise is indicated in Euro.
    2.2. The shipping charges associated with the order appear before the request for payment.
    2.3. The following payment methods are accepted:
    2.3.1. Payment through PayPal .
    2.3.2. Payment by credit card (Visa, MasterCard).
    2.3.3. Payment by Invoice (bank transfer).
    2.3.4. Payment through e-bank (by Lithuanian, Latvian or Estonian banks e-banking systems).

    3. Placing an Order

    3.1. By confirming the order, the Customer obliges to provide his/her true and accurate personal information. In case of mistakes or discrepancies, the Customer shall make the necessary corrections before confirming the order.
    3.2. The processing of the order begins upon receipt of payment.
    3.3. If the Customer wishes to receive the merchandise at a different address or if the receiver of the merchandise is other person than the buyer, the Customer shall specify the delivery address and the receiver information when placing the order.
    3.4. Only properly completed order forms are accepted.

    4. Purchase Delivery

    4.1. The merchandise is shipped to the provided address on the next business day after the receipt of payment.
    4.2. Delivery price and terms depend on the shipping method selected by the Customer.

    5. Quality Guarantee and Return Policy

    5.1. All merchandise complies with the standard pertinent quality requirements.
    5.2. The merchandise which does not comply with the pertinent quality requirements will be exchanged or, upon the Customer’s request, the purchase price of the merchandise will be fully refunded.
    5.3. If the Customer is not satisfied with the purchase for personal reasons (wrong size, not happy with the color etc.), the Customer can return the merchandise within 14 days after the receipt of the goods and receive a full refund for the merchandise purchase price.
    5.6. The shipping costs for the returns of good quality merchandise are not covered.
    5.7. The Seller accepts the returns of good quality merchandise only if the merchandise has not been used or damaged and is in the original condition.
    5.8. If the Customer does not comply with the Return Policy described in the Rules, the Seller has a right to reject the return.

    6. Rights, Obligations and Liability of the Parties

    6.1. The Customer has the following rights:
    6.1.1. To obtain merchandise from the web store at the indicated price and following the order set forth in the Rules.
    6.2. The Customer undertakes the following obligations:
    6.2.1. To get familiar with the Rules of the Store and, when using the services provided by the Seller, to comply with the regulations set forth in the Rules;
    6.3.2. To refrain from disclosing his/her login information to third parties;
    6.3.3. To keep the personal information in the registration form up-to-date;
    6.3.4. To get familiar with the Rules of the Store.
    6.4. The Seller has the following rights:
    6.4.1. To terminate the operation of the Store at any time;
    6.4.2. To change, amend and supplement the Rules;
    6.4.3. To change the assortment and prices of the merchandise;
    6.4.4. To restrict, reject or terminate the Customer’s registration and the possibility to shop in the Store without prior notice if the Customer’s actions are deemed harmful to the Store or the Seller.
    6.5. The Seller undertakes the following obligations:
    6.5.1. To sell merchandise and to issue all the necessary sale and purchase documents confirming the sales transaction and the payment, as required by law.
    6.5.2. To guarantee that the actual merchandise corresponds to the sample displayed to the Customer.
    6.5.3. To comply with the delivery terms set forth in the Rules;
    6.5.4. To guarantee that only safe and proper quality merchandise is offered to the Customer;
    6.5.5. If a product has an expiration date, the Seller shall make sure that such a product is sold leaving a reasonable amount of time until the expiration date.
    6.5.6. Upon the Customer’s request, to provide additional information about the merchandise.
    6.6. The Customer is liable for his/her activities performed in the Web Store.
    6.7. The Seller is not liable for and shall not compensate the expenses incurred by the Customer due to the noncompliance to the conditions set forth in the Rules, providing the Customer was given a possibility to get familiar with the Rules.
    6.8. The Seller is not liable for the accuracy of the information provided by the third party in their advertisements displayed on the website of the Store.
    6.9. The parties agree that, if losses were incurred, the guilty party shall cover all the direct expenses incurred by the aggrieved party.

    7. Security of Personal Information

    7.1. The Customer allows the Seller to use his/her personal information for the purposes set forth in the Rules.
    7.2. The Seller guarantees that the personal information of the Customer will only be used for the Customer’s identity verification and for the delivery of the purchase. The Customer’s personal data can be used for marketing purposes only if the Customer gives his/her permission to do so by indicating that in the registration form.
    7.3. The Seller shall not disclose the personal information of the Customer to any third parties except for Carrier contracted by the Seller for shipping services.
    7.4. The Seller guarantees the security of the Customer’s personal information pursuant to the prevailing legal norms and regulations.
    7.5. The Customer shall refrain from disclosing his/her login information to third parties. If this provision is violated, the Customer becomes liable for all the possible subsequent consequences. If the Customer finds out that his/her login information was disclosed, the Customer shall immediately inform the Seller. Upon the Customer’s request, the Seller shall immediately block the access to the Customer’s account. The Parties then make a separate agreement regarding re-registration of the Customer.

    8. Other Provisions

    8.1. The Parties undertake to make an attempt to amicably resolve the disputes arising out of or in connection with the compliance or noncompliance with the Rules. Unresolved disputes shall be treated according to the laws prevailing in the Seller’s country of registration.