Archeological finds

  • The first biggest amber treasure was found while dredging amber in the Curonian Lagoon in the vicinity of Juodkrantė in 1860-1881. Scientists from all over the world got interested in unique New Stone Age decorative amber objects dating back to the 3rd millennium B.C. This is the famous R. Klebs collection called Juodkrantė’s Treasure. It consists of raw amber and 434 complete handicraft articles. The collection contains many pendants of different forms: long and narrow, regular with an oblique base, almost rectangular and oval. There were different buttons found: small round and oval, up to 4,5 cm long, big boat-shaped; some of them had plain surface, others were decorated with dots. Also, there were found different tube-shaped beads with straight to slightly curved sides that had surface ranging from lightly retouched to highly polished, and many links and disks. New Stone Age plastic art objects (amber statuettes of people and animals) are an exceptionally valuable part of this collection. All these objects were described and published in R. Klebs’s book "Amber jewellery of Stone Age" in 1882.