We invite You to visit the „Weathervane Gallery“ and have a look at the weathervanes that are a part of historical and cultural heritage of Curonian lagoon region. The exposition of weathervanes is based on historical findings and records.

The art works of contemporary and well known authors are being exhibited in the gallery. We offer a great choice of Baltic amber goods. Here You will find a plenty of exclusive jewelry, amber with rare inclusions and original amber souvenirs. There is a big selection of travel guides and other books for tourists in the gallery. We offer high quality Lithuanian textiles from natural fabrics and one-of-a-kind ceramics.

In order to control the fishery in the Curonian Lagoon a special system of signs was developed at the end of XIX century. These signs were approved by the fishery inspectorate. Fishermen ought to put up the weathervanes on the top of their boats’ masts’ in order to show the district where they came from. Little by little fishermen started to décor their weathervanes with particular carvings from wood. These ornaments reflected fishermen’s daily routine, family lifestyle and even a social status. Gradually these weathervanes turned into a specific folk art that is a typical heritage of the Curonian Lagoon settlements.

We invite You to see and purchase the weathervanes at “Weathervane Gallery” and a souvenir shop by the Hill of Witches in Juodkrantė. In Klaipėda You will find weathervanes at the shop “Autentic”, Žvejų st. 12 or visit our online shop

Our weathervanes are made from solid wood and painted with water resistant paint. They may be used for home interior or for yard decorating purposes. The size of the weathervanes varies from 35 cm to 150 cm. They are sold dismantled into three parts and packed into a small carton. This makes the transportation of a weathervane comfortable and easy.